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Photo: New York City Department of Education Facebook page

Photo: New York City Department of Education Facebook page


To share what it has learned about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s sweeping expansion of pre-K programs, New York City recently hosted a “learning lab” for early education leaders and administrators from other cities.

“Municipal governments must work together to share best practices and lessons learned, and this summit is an essential step in building a strong network of policymakers who, together, will continue to advocate for expanded access to quality early education for every child nationwide,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

The learning lab is meant to be “an opportunity for pre-K leaders to build relationships and identify thought partners for ongoing collaboration on how to implement high-quality pre-K. By building a national network of cities, municipalities will be able to learn from each other about how to create high-quality pre-K programs that best meet the needs of their respective children and families.”

Funding comes from the Catherine & Joseph Aresty Foundation, through the Fund for Public Schools. (more…)

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