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Photo: Alyssa Haywoode for Strategies for Children

Today the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee released its $49.6 billion state budget proposal for fiscal year 2023.

For early education and care, this budget includes several key provisions:

• $60 million in a salary rate reserve for providers who accept child care subsidies (line item 3000-1042). This line item also includes an additional $10 million for grants to early education and care providers for costs associated with personal childcare, a new initiative.

• $5 million for navigation support and outreach to families, including language continuing EEC’s recent policy of paying subsidies based on child enrollment instead of attendance (part of line item 3000-1000). 

• Increases for: Access Management (3000-2000, for resource and referral agencies); Head Start (3000-5000); and Workforce Development (3000-7066)

• Level funding for the Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative (3000-6025) and early childhood mental health (3000-6075).

In total, the House budget proposal provides $91 million more for early education and care than the FY23 budget proposal that Governor Charlie Baker released in January.


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Governor Charlie Baker has released his $48.5 billion fiscal year ’23 budget proposal.

“This is the last state budget that Governor Baker will have his hands on – so he’s using this opportunity to push for tax breaks and fiscal responsibility,” WWLP reports.

“…he wants to invest in schools, MassHealth and transitional assistance, to name a few. Baker’s budget proposal would also give more than $700 million in tax breaks to low income seniors as well as low income families.”

The governor’s proposal also level funds most early education and care line items, sticking to the amounts allocated in the state’s FY’22 budget.

This includes:

• $12 million for child care resource and referral agencies [Access Management, 3000-2000]

• $15 million for Head Start [3000-5000]

• $10 million for the Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative [3000-6025], and

• $3 million for early childhood mental health [3000-6075]

The governor’s proposal does not fund: (more…)

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